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  • Modular design, easy set-up and built for customization. 

  • Can be mounted on a tripod for easy mobility or pole mounted for a more permanent installation. 

  • Users can use just one unit or string units together to expand to cover larger areas. 

  • When integrated with our proprietary software the unit has a detection range of up to 2km using overlapping detection methods: RF, WiFi and FPV. 

User Interface
  • Our user interface is browser based, easily set-up and can operate stand alone or attached to the cloud. 

  • It is able to be used on all of your favorite devices, smart phone, tablet or PCs.  

  • The system can provide remote detection notification via text, voice messaging or e-mail.


The remote vehicle market is currently exploding.  Every company in the
news today has some interest or activity in UAV's - not to mention the
consumer devices flying off the shelves in the millions and the new options of
ground and water vehicles which are following close behind them.  However, as the number of vehicles grows exponentially, the challenges of managing safe and responsible usage in an environment that is seeing increasing regulation are
mounting.  In order to regulate or manage these vehicles, you must first know
where they are operating. Currently Radar and IFF are used to detect manned aerial vehicles.  Neither of those operate well with medium to small UAVs and not at all with other ground or water based vehicle types.


Our vision is to be the industry's leading provider of drone detection and mitigation systems that meet each unique safety, security, and privacy requirements.  


Our approach to this problem is to use a
multi-sensor platform to focus on control
and telemetry signals, with additional
sensors to address physical detection (such as video and audio) as the product
continues its evolution.  The system is
designed to operate remotely and to
provide a data feed for use with our
graphical interface or to interface with
customers' existing systems, with an
additional focus on cloud based data storage and analysis.



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